Eurovision Song Contest – Serbia 2008 Winners

Here are the winners ! ๐Ÿ™‚
Congrats to Russia and Dima Bilan!

Here are the winners for the 53rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, which was hosted by Serbia.

Eurovision Song Contest - Serbia 2008

read more about it here : Eurovision 2008 Winners


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Music And The X Factor

Here is a nice articles about X Factor and American Idol
All about the participants, the judges and the winners.

American Idol is perhaps the most famous reality show that is on TV ! ๐Ÿ™‚

It is widely known and believed across the world that music is the best source of relaxation for any individual who is under stress. The basic and the most important component of music that appeals to the audience at large is the singer. The singer and his or her voice are the ideal parameters of a recorded song but for live performances, the X factor is what matters most.

Here is the rest of the article :
Music And The X Factor

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Trends In Music For 2008 – Great Article

What are the trends in music for 2008 ? Read and you’ll find out !

Your 160gb mp3 player is probably starving for new music and with 2008 just starting you want to know who to watch and where to look. The truth is, no one can tell you who to watch and no one should, but we’re going to show you where to look to find music you’ll like instead of wasting your times with ones you won’t. …

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Amy Winehouse – very interesting article

I found a very interesting article about Amy Winehouse.

The queen of soul music is the most controversial figure in the world. The young British singer Amy Winehouse, known as โ€œa phenomenon of our timesโ€, became at the age of only 24 a subject study for the gutter press and also for several specialists in music and psycho-sociologists. In the last six months, it has not passed a day without recent news published in the press or a compromising photo of Amy Winehouse.

Read the rest of the article here Amy Winehouse Phenomenon

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Greatest Artists and Songs

Here is a great article about the classics in music.

What would current musicians be without the foundation set by the legendary bands and classic artists that came before them? …

With hundreds or maybe thousands of classic songs out there, no list could do justice to the these great bands. The fact that each decade has left behind it’s own legends provides that generation the ability to interpret who should be on that list.

Read the rest of the article here : Greatest Artists and Songs.

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