Sober by Pink, new single from Funhouse

Sober is the second single from Funhouse, the fifth studio album by pop singer Pink.
The second single has been confirmed by BMG Italy as “Sober”. The song will be released to the U.S. in late November.

The album’s lead single, “So What”, has been the biggest solo success of Pink’s career to date, topping the charts in nine countries so far, including her native United States, and also in the UK, and reaching the top 10 in many others.

Sober by Pink , new single from Funhouse

listen the song here : Pink – Sober Video and Lyrics


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  1. Rich replied:

    Pink fuckin rocks and its about damn time shes number one cause shes the baddest bitch. Beyonce christina and all them other whack ass girls aint got shit on pink. Shes the realest and it shows do ya thang pink, we love it

  2. Amanda replied:

    Amen, Rich…..only few people are true to them selves now a days and she is a true example to doing what you say and saying what you mean. Nobody can ever touch hear cause there is no one to compare her to. She’s one of a kind. She definitely is number one! Everyone else can get on there knees and get ready to kiss her ass.

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