So What by Pink, New single and a new album

It looks like Pink is back with a new single and a new album.

‘So What‘ is the lead single taken from pop singer Pink’s forthcoming fifth studio album.
The song is written by Pink and Max Martin and will be released to the American CHR on August 18, 2008.

So What by Pink

listen the song here Pink – So What Lyrics and Video


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  1. jessica saw replied:

    i love upink and your knew single rocks

  2. jessica saw replied:

    wht is your knew album going to be called

  3. musiicluva replied:


    can’t wait!!!!! i hav a countdown to oct 28th!!! (release date aus) yey!!!
    wat is it gonna be called!?! if it’s as gd as all ur
    others (which i hav) it will be aboslutely FANTASTIC!!!
    ur the best singa in the WHOLE WORLD, just amazing and SO inspirational.

    good luck forever,

    cya xx

  4. Krissssy replied:

    i LOVEE this new song ! its soo great . i really love pink [: its great how she just tells it liek it is NO BULLSHIT . . she is pretty GREAT ! x

  5. Jordan replied:

    pink is a legend! seen her live twice and she is absolutly outstanding, her vocals are amazing and her performance is brilliant! she is amazing! cant wait for new album and absoutly love her new single so what! pink rocksss!!!! love her! cant wait 4 next tour aswell:)

  6. Mirjam replied:

    Woehoeee !! PINK IS BACK!
    I LOVE the new song 🙂

    I can’t wait for the new album!


  7. MRMOJO replied:

    I’m waiting for her new album
    pink = great voice + great songs

  8. ben harris replied:

    nah nah nah nah nah nah im gonna start a fight

    pinks back with a new song- so what

  9. sarah-belle replied:

    LOVE the new song…it’s been stuck in my head every since it came out! when is the new album comming out? i want it so bad!

  10. avril eden williams replied:

    love pink new fresh beat “SO WHAT ” its rockin man she look amazin init !!!

  11. phoebe replied:

    she rocks

  12. Maddi.Xo replied:


    Love the new song its great i have been 2 one of your shows i cant describe it cause it was awesome i also like your film cip tooo.

    I hope you do another tour..

  13. 123maddi45678 replied:

    Hi i hope you tour again. i went toi your show in Melbourne.It was sick as how u went on th ropes waz cool.

    Please tour again and i will be there..

  14. charlotte replied:

    it is so good i love p!nk she is awesome

  15. amanda replied:

    i really like you pink i have all you cds

  16. Newowhit replied:

    P!nk is so awesome!!!! Her new album is called Funhouse. P!nk rules!!!!!

  17. morgan replied:

    love her now song it is the best would love to see her live Morgan XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  18. jade replied:

    so what im still a rock star i got my rock move and i dont want you tonight

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