Yes We Can (Barack Obama Song) by Will.I.Am

Although the lyrics are entirely quotations from a speech delivered by Sen. Obama in New Hampshire during the 2008 campaign, his campaign had no involvement in its production.

Can you believe that ? 😐

here are the lyrics and the video : Will.I.Am – Yes We Can (Barack Obama Song) Lyrics and Video


February 12, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Videos and Lyrics.


  1. Leland Milton Goldblatt replied:

    Barack Hussein Obama commitment to visit five dictators in his first year as president. In one of the Democratic debates, visiting five dictators in Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Iran and North Korea, without preconditions, personally, in your first year as president. He later tried to revise what you actually said by stating you were referring only to the principle of the need to negotiate with “hostile governments.” (But that is not what you said at the debate.) Then he criticized Sen. Clinton for not being willing to negotiate with hostile governments, which is false, and you knew it was false. In fact, you knew that Sen. Clinton had already endorsed the Hamilton-Kean task force recommendation for the U.S. to negotiate with Syria and Iran to assist in finding a regional solution to the Iraq war.

    His position on driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. After Sen. Clinton gave a garbled response to her position on this issue in the Philadelphia debate, she was intensely criticized by you, accusing her of intentionally obscuring her position, and by media commentators. (She subsequently admitted she had not given a clear answer.)

  2. ochairball replied:

    cool. i’ll link on my blog!

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