Amy Winehouse – very interesting article

I found a very interesting article about Amy Winehouse.

The queen of soul music is the most controversial figure in the world. The young British singer Amy Winehouse, known as “a phenomenon of our times”, became at the age of only 24 a subject study for the gutter press and also for several specialists in music and psycho-sociologists. In the last six months, it has not passed a day without recent news published in the press or a compromising photo of Amy Winehouse.

Read the rest of the article here Amy Winehouse Phenomenon


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  1. Amy Winehouse replied:

    Amy Winehouse makes a fortune through the media publicity.
    Some think she isn’t even a junkie and it is just an act for publicity and sales and money.

  2. elizabethstella replied:

    I wish it was a stunt… she is Paris Hilton on crack right? Almost famous for being famous… but really famous for being an amazing singer, it’s hard to pick which one it is. I hear more about her wild nights than I do her music. I never go to listen to her music just because I’ve heard a lot about her and her bloody pink ballett shoes on the news. I don’t think publicity as bad as hers is worth being faking… do you? Hmmm.

  3. elizabethstella replied:


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